Saturday, May 31, 2008

Four square is helping me "garden within the lines"

Amanda here, Growing Hope Executive Director-- and a proud member of the Four Square Society as well! (True, that I thought it up-- with help from Murph & Lisa & Mark last year...) ready to eatIn my own garden, I converted what had been mounded raised beds (using tons of compost) to 4 x 4 foot wooden raised beds. I've never been good at-- or interested in, really-- "coloring within the lines." This year, though, I am excited to be "gardening within the lines," and the square foot garden method is helping me do that. I've tried square foot gardening before-- but more so in a rough way, measuring the blocks in the beginning, but not sticking to them. This year, in my raised beds, I've used old measuring tape (and then supplemented that when I ran out with new ones from the dollar store) to affix a permanent grid. It looks so nice and orderly! finished the square foot guidelines! I've already harvested a lot of mixed lettuce & arugula, had multiple run-ins with multiple woodchucks who keep mowing certain things down, and experimented with a little hoophouse structure to extend the season (which is why I had so much early lettuce.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Welcome to the Four Square Society!

Hello Everyone! My name is Rachel Long, and I'm the summer research intern this year at Growing Hope. We are very excited to have you all on board for the Four Square Society, and we hope that this blog will become a showcase of all the wonderful things happening in planters, pots, raised beds and backyards across Michigan. We encourage you to post "before" shots of your garden, now when it's early in the season, so we can all see how much they will have grown at the end of the summer. Feel free to post questions and respond with comments to others' posts, too; this interactive blog can serve as a forum for garden advice.

We look forward to hearing stories and seeing pictures from you- the gardeners who are making positive, sustainable, healthy change in their homes and communities!

Happy Growing!