Monday, July 21, 2008

Come check out our new FAQs page!

We've been updating content on the Growing Hope FAQs page. Included now on the site are tips for dealing with garden pests, and we hope to add more information as soon as we can.

If you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see on the site, leave us a comment here!

The photos you see here are but a few of the miracles happening in Recreation Park's Community Garden's four squares...


Lisele said...

FAQ page looks great.

Just have to share -- I've been watching baby nuthatches all morning at my work feeder. Mussed up new feathers and many struggles actually landing on the feeder bar -- so cute and hilarious!

jeneastridge said...

For some reason, I am unable to load the FAQs page. I know it is up, since Lisele commented on how great it looks. Am I just having "issues" or is there construction going on with that page...? I just pull up a blank when I type in Thanks for any help! - Jen E.

Rachel said...

Hi Jen,
The site should work- try going to the main page,, and clicking the FAQs link on the left side of the page. Hope that helps!